Jonathan Norton, a former Army Ranger and combat veteran, invented RopeSafe® after he witnessed a student almost fall to his death when his rope was nearly severed on a sharp edge during a rappel. He knew we need a better rope protection solution to safeguard our first responders, military, rope rescue professionals, and citizens.

RopeSafe® is a lightweight, easy-to-install load-bearing rope protector and portable anchor strap that creates a protective barrier between an abrasive surface and a load-bearing rope. Lab tested and field proven by America’s elite Military and First Responders, RopeSafe® is critical for technical rope rescuer safety and increases the lifespan of expensive ropes.

Our Mission at RopeSafe® is to protect our Military, First Responders, and Rope Access Professionals who serve our country and communities and keep our families safe.

RopeSafe® has been building out a world-class marketing and sales team with an emphasis on delighting our customers. We are a fun, hard-working group, that supports each other and always strives to do right by our prospects and customers. To accommodate our exciting growth, we are looking for skilled, hardworking, and fun individuals to join our team.


If you are interested in joining the RopeSafe team, please email us at and provide the following information. We will follow up with you as soon as possible. 

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