Product Development

 We Test with the Best


Tested and designed for military and rope access professionals, RopeSafe is a light-weight, easy-to-install, edge and rope protection system that creates a protective barrier between an abrasive surface and a load-bearing rope, saving lives and greatly increasing the lifespan of ropes. Patented Wear Bar will indicate when it’s time to replace it.

We believe equipment must be functional to meet the unique performance requirements of our customers. At Peak Safety Systems, we co-design products based on field performance testing from the active duty Special Operations (SOCOM) community and elite first responder units, including Army Rangers, Navy Seals and Green Berets. The results - excellence in product development.


Our Commitment to Excellence



Our materials are carefully selected to meet to governing standards. We do not cut corners on quality to save on cost.



Our products are functional and designed based on your unique performance requirements and how you operate.


Standards and Performance 

We test our systems to the governing standards ANSI and NFPA. You are held to high standards and so are our products.


Service Member Engagement 

Soldiers and first responders put our products through the paces in the harshest environments and provide us feedback. This results in the development of the best, most functional products.


Get Involved - Your Voice Matters - Join our Tribe


Soldiers and first responders love field testing our products because we RESPECT their privacy and TAKE-ACTION on feedback.

Real-world operational field testing helps identify flaws and iterate designs to develop products that allow soldiers and first responders to perform at the highest, safest level.

We love testing our products with soldiers and first responders. If you are active duty, national guardsmen, and/or first responder and are interested in joining our testing tribe -  WELCOME! We would love to have you.

Please send an inquiry and one of our veterans on the product development team will reach out!


Commitment to Confidentiality - We Earn Your TRUST & RESPECT

Many product developers DO NOT appreciate the blood, sweat and tears you have shed and the extreme personal and professional sacrifice you have made.

We do.

We know because we've been there. Our product developers are combat veterans with specialized skill sets that understand how you operate, listen to feedback, and respect your privacy:

We know and respect your left and right limits. We operate according to the UCMJ restrictions on product endorsement:

  • We do not share your data
  • We do not reference commands
  • We do not ask for endorsements or the purchase of commercial products
  • We will not use your name in any public or marketing collateral


Product Road Map


We are constantly testing and innovating new products to meet the unique demand our individual markets.


RopeSafe - Exceeds Standards

Our military and first responders are held to the highest standard - so should their equipment.

RopeSafe is fire resistant to over 690 degrees Fahrenheit and exceeds performance requirements per National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1983: Standard on Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services

We conducted laboratory testing with UConn School of Engineering to determine the tensile strength (breaking strength) and melting point in accordance with the NFPA standards for lifesaving equipment. 

Rigorous testing and insight from 5th Ranger Training Battalion, US Army Mountain Warfare School, 10th Special Forces Group, and many more.






RopeSafe™ - Proven Under Load

According to ANSI ASTM F1773-97 

  • Load bearing – minimum break strength (MBS)
  • Strait configuration: MBS – 8000 lbs. (35 kN)
  • Basket configuration: MBS – 14,100 lbs. (62 kN)


RopeSafe™ - Engineered to Last

This revolutionary product is specific to end-users that rappel on a fixed and load-bearing rope where the load-bearing rope comes in contact with sharp and abrasive surfaces such as rock, roof-tops, building parapet, ice, rappel towers, etc.

Engineered to last, it’s made from nylon-webbing sewn into Cordura ballistic fabric with nylon Wear Bar replacement indicator. The patented Wear Bar is the 
only solution on the market has a visual indication for retirement.

Lightweight and easy to install, RopeSafe™ stays in place to give you reliability when your life depends on it.