RopeSafe™ Tactical Edge Protection System 18"

RopeSafe™ Tactical Edge Protection System 18"


Tested and designed by Navy Seals and DFW Swat, RopeSafe Urban assault offers a shorter attachment method to make installing and positioning easier in an urban environment. The load-bearing rappel ring and carabiner are configured for a patented auto-block connection that is shorter, stable, and easy to adjust. Combines all the same features as RopeSafe Tactical with the sewn in custom load-bearing rappel ring for easy installation.

RopeSafe System Components:

1 x RopeSafe Tactical Edge Protection System

1 x RopeSafe Custom Sewn-in Load-bearing Attachment Ring

1 x RopeSafe Custom Non-locking Carabiner

1 x RopeSafe Custom 14” x 6.0mm Prusik Cord

RopeSafe Components:

2” Hook and Pile Tape (Velcro)

Traceability Label

Load-bearing Attachment Point

Load-bearing Handle


Exceeds National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1983 Standards for Lifesaving Rope

Fire Resistant up to 670 Degrees Fahrenheit

Load-bearing – Vertical - Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) 8000 lbs. (35 kN)

Load-bearing – Basket - Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) 14,100 lbs. (62 kN)



Cordura Ballistic Fabric – Long Lifespan

RopeSafe Custom Non-locking Carabiner

RopeSafe Custom Prusik

RopeSafe Rappel Ring