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RopeSafe Edge Protection System

Load-Bearing Anchor Strap

High Cut Resistance

Rope Protection

RopeSafe Edge Protection & Anchor System

RopeSafe Edge Protection & Anchor System

Dual-use rope protection and a portable anchor strap combined into one product. Rated to 62kN (14,100 lbs.) in the basket configuration exceeds NFPA 1983 standards.

Lab Tested | Field Proven:

Captain Tim Papp

New Haven Fire Dept.

“What I love about RopeSafe is how EASY it is to put into our rope rescue systems.”

Lt. Dan Comen


“Jonathan has a hold of the edge protection market with a product nobody else can compete with. Rated edge pro is a gamer changer in the rescue world.”

Capt. Nick Fisher

South District Fire

“The fact RopeSafe was designed with the expertise of the US Special Operations Forces gave our Department the confidence that RopeSafe is a high quality and effective solution.”