Five Knots to Know

RopeSafe USA | Feb 11, 21
Thinking about “tying the knot” with your loved one?  For centuries, marriage ceremonies have featured a knot tying ritual as a symbol of unity and strength. In the field, knots can make a job easier or even save your life! Below are 5 knots you need to know if you are ever in a bind or just want to show off to that special someone.
RopeSafe USA | Feb 04, 21
Ice Climbing: An Exhilarating Challenge
Unlike rock climbing, where the terrain may be stable, snow and ice present unique challenges due to their ever-changing nature. From glacier walks to more vertical waterfall climbing, there are breathtaking paths for every explorer. To maximize safety, learning, and enjoyment while on these journeys, the following guide, presented by RopeSafe, is a good place to start.
RopeSafe USA | Dec 31, 20
Shop Your Values, Support Your Veterans: The importance of supporting veteran-owned businesses
Consumers today are more conscious than ever of their purchasing power. They want to know the story behind a company - how it all began, the faces behind the label, the hardworking employees. That has become just as important as the product or service itself, in influencing consumer choices.
RopeSafe USA | Jun 04, 20
Voices From the Field - Technical Rope Rescue Webinar
Join RopeSafe, Conway Shield, and Fire Departments discuss preparedness best practices to sharpen your technical fire rescue skills.