RopeSafe founder Jon Norton having a conversation with a firefighter about a rope chafe protection device.


What sizes do you sell?

RopeSafe comes in four sizes: 16”, 24”, 36", and 48”.


How many RopeSafe units should our department purchase?

Most commonly, Fire Departments will purchase one complete set of RopeSafe units per rope rescue bag, which includes 1 x RopeSafe of each size. Departments also purchase two additional sets per squad, one set for training and one for replacement. 


What is the minimum breaking strength (MBS) of RopeSafe?

RopeSafe was tested to determine the minimum breaking strength in the three  most commonly used configurations: end-to-end; basket; and girth hitch

End-to-end: 36 kN ~ 8,000 lbs. 

Basket: 62 kN ~ 14,200 lbs.

Girth hitch: 20 kN ~ 4,900 lbs.


What is the melting point of RopeSafe?

The material decomposition point of the ballistic and nylon fabric is 690 Deg. F 


What standard was used to test RopeSafe?

Since many of RopeSafe users are Fire Fighters, RopeSafe was tested to NFPA 1983 Standard for Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services. 


How long does RopeSafe last?

Depends how often and the conditions that it is used. Compared to other rope protectors, RopeSafe exterior fabric lasts 3-5x longer.


What is different about RopeSafe compared to other rope protectors? 

RopeSafe is the only dual use and load-bearing rope protector on the market. RopeSafe is also an anchor strap with built- in protection, saving precious time during system installation. RopeSafe is the product of extensive field testing with Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, Green Berets, USAF Pararescue Operators, FDNY, NYPD and Fire and Police Departments across North America.


How do I hook up RopeSafe as a rope protector?

There are two recommended methods to hook up RopeSafe: Direct connect and independent anchor point.

Direct connect: Use this method for a rappelling/fixed rope application.

Independent anchor point: use this method for raising and lowering applications.