Watch Nate Paulsberg, Rope Access Tech L3 Supervisor/Managing Director at Elevated Safety review RopeSafe in action: 



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Customer Reviews

“RopeSafe should be included in every military rescue and mobility kit and deployed across the force [DoD].”

- Master Sergeant, US Army Special Forces


“Keeping ropes protected and Ranger Students safe during rappelling was a constant worry and struggle…”

     - Sergeant First Class, Mountaineering Lead, 75th Ranger Regiment


“NYPD ESU had not found an edge protector that worked effectively for all our applications, until RopeSafe."

     - Sergeant, NYPD Emergency Service Unit


“RopeSafe is so simple and versatile that it can be used for so many unique applications…”

     - Sergeant First Class, US Army Mountain Warfare School


“RopeSafe is the only edge protector we know that stays on the parapet…”

     - Fireman, Brooklyn, NY


“RopeSafe is quickly and easily installed by our instructors to protect our Ranger Students."

     - Sergeant First Class, Mountaineering Lead, 75th Ranger Regiment


“I had to make or modify edge protection because there was nothing available that met our needs… until RopeSafe.”

     - Master Sergeant, US Army Special Forces