Conway Shield Brings Important Safety Tools To Military And First Responders

Aug 04, 20
Conway Shield Brings Important Safety Tools To Military And First Responders

Hartford, CT, 03 August 2020 --- Conway Shield and RopeSafe USA today announce a partnership to make RopeSafe’s critical rope safety system accessible to the military, first responders, and rope access professionals who trust and use Conway Shield to deliver the most proven products available. The two organizations are very similarly aligned in their foremost commitment to developing and distributing products that protect the men and women who risk their lives to ensure the safety of others. 

Jonathan Norton, a U.S. Army Ranger and combat veteran, invented RopeSafe after he witnessed an Army Ranger nearly fall to his death when his rope was almost severed on a sharp edge while on rappel. “This experience motivated me to create a load-bearing, dual-use anchor strap and rope protector that provides a protective barrier between an abrasive surface and a load-bearing rope or cable,” said Mr. Norton. “I knew our first responders and military deserved a better, safer solution than what was currently available.” 

Made in the USA, RopeSafe is the product of extensive field testing with Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, Green Berets, and USAF Pararescue Operators, and is now in use in fire and police departments across North America. RopeSafe is a dual-use rope protector and load-bearing anchor strap that is quick and easy to install, stays in position, and exceeds industry safety standards. RopeSafe is easily integrated into rope rescue systems and allows the rescuer to quickly and safely access a victim and administer lifesaving first aid, which can mean the difference between saving a life or body recovery. 

Paul Conway, founder and president of Conway Shield, said, “Conway Shield and RopeSafe USA, two companies with a long tradition of servitude, are proud to be partnering with the mission of providing this new and innovative product.” 

Mr. Norton added, “This partnership is a natural one, as Paul and I are so alike in our vision and goals – to deliver the most functional and safest solutions to the men and women who serve our country and communities and keep our families safe.” 

With RopeSafe now included in the wide array of protective tools and gear available through Conway Shield, fire and police departments can streamline the procurement of important safety equipment by purchasing from one trusted source. Also, through [date], first responders can use the code ROPESAFETEN for a 10 percent discount on RopeSafe products purchased through Conway Shield. 

“RopeSafe has a hold on the rope protection market with a product that no one can compete with,” said Dan Comen, a Hartford, CT, firefighter and EMT. “Rated edge protection is a game changer in the rescue world.” 


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RopeSafe® Edge Protection System is a lightweight, easy-to-install load-bearing rope protector and portable anchor strap that creates a protective barrier between an abrasive surface and a load-bearing rope. Lab tested and field proven by America’s elite military and first responders, RopeSafe is critical for technical rope rescuer safety and increases the lifespan of expensive ropes. RopeSafe USA is a combat veteran owned and operated business that proudly manufactures all of its products in the United States. RopeSafe saves lives by saving ropes. 

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Built on the shoulders of three service legacies, Conway Shield arms America’s protectors with the most proven product available. Customizing the very best firefighting shields has expanded to provide the most effective technology, tools, and training for today’s fire and law leaders. 

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